Limitless (Oops…I mean Lucy)

Oh no, is this becoming a trend?

Like every few years do we have to make a movie about someone who does drugs and miraculously accesses 100% of their brain and is super good at stuff and maybe controls matter? Can we not?

Why are we still watching movies about people using “more than 10% of their brain!” as if it hasn’t been explained to basically everyone by now that the rest of your brain is for memories and vital functions. Honestly now that we have science this shouldn’t even be a concept anymore. As far as I know, when you use 100% of your brain it means all your synapses are firing at once and you’re having a seizure which, while exciting for observers in it’s own way, isn’t exactly going to help you kill even a moderately powerful bad guy so..

Also, since when does speed (or whatever fake drug that is basically speed but “new”!) make you able to manipulate the world around you contrary to basic physics or any kind of logic?



3 thoughts on “Limitless (Oops…I mean Lucy)

  1. Yeah, that bugged me about this film (which I haven’t seen yet, but plan to when it’s on DVD) too. For some reason I can accept “bitten by a radioactive spider” or “sent by a rocket from Krypton” with ease, but the 10% explanation kills my suspension of disbelief. All they had to do was say “it dramatically increases her brainpower beyond average humans” and that would have been fine.


    • Yea, that’s a good point. I don’t know why it makes me so mad! Maybe because they try so hard to make it sound plausible whereas if it’s truly ridiculous like gamma radiation or radioactive spider bites I can accept it like “Sure, I guess I’m in your fictional world now”


      • Yes, that’s exactly it. The other examples are clear fictional premises, but you can’t try to ground it in reality when it’s all based on a widely debunked theory. And I had that same problem with Limitless (the movie and the book it was based on, which I read).


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