Guardians of the Galaxy -What a Good Movie!

Except for the fact that there are only three female characters in the whole movie, and the talking raccoon outranks literally all of them in interesting characterization and probably screen time as well.

It’s a pretty good movie you guys, but the more I think about it the more angry I am at how shitty the female characters actually are. When you get right down to it, every character that’s a lady is a victim:

(This may contain spoilers actually, so I’m gonna hide the rest under a page break, read on if you’ve seen it)

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Limitless (Oops…I mean Lucy)

Oh no, is this becoming a trend?

Like every few years do we have to make a movie about someone who does drugs and miraculously accesses 100% of their brain and is super good at stuff and maybe controls matter? Can we not?

Why are we still watching movies about people using “more than 10% of their brain!” as if it hasn’t been explained to basically everyone by now that the rest of your brain is for memories and vital functions. Honestly now that we have science this shouldn’t even be a concept anymore. As far as I know, when you use 100% of your brain it means all your synapses are firing at once and you’re having a seizure which, while exciting for observers in it’s own way, isn’t exactly going to help you kill even a moderately powerful bad guy so..

Also, since when does speed (or whatever fake drug that is basically speed but “new”!) make you able to manipulate the world around you contrary to basic physics or any kind of logic?



What is your deepest fear?

Inevitably, someone always says clowns.

Why? Is it because a human painted their face with bright colors in an effort to make themselves look less realistic and more plastic, effectively placing them in some kind of meta category of uncanny valley?

Is it the white face and red mouth that resembles the pallid complexion of death with the added zombie/vampire bloody lips factor?

Maybe it comes from the obsession that “artists” seem to have with the irony of a sad clown (get it? Cus they’re supposed to make you happy!)

Or is it just a diversion from real fears and worries because they don’t want other people to perceive them as weak.

No, actually it’s probably because of┬áthis guy:

That’s right, Tim Curry